18 Little-known truths about motorcycle

harley-davidson-459593_640The motorcycle is one of the well-accepted vehicles of the present time. Most youths love to have motorcycle instead of luxurious cars. For most vehicle lovers, Motorcycle is the cheapest and convenient way of traveling and handier to use. Since 1817, when the very first motorcycle was designed and launched, it has continued to be a favorite source of flying for all ages of people.

Most youths of the present generation are in love with first bikes, and motorcycling has got more popularity day by day. Here are some most unknown facts that most people don’t know. Whether you’re a biker or just an admirer of motorcycling, these facts about motorcycling are exciting enough to give you a particular idea about this vehicle:

  • British inventor Edward Butler was the developer of the word ‘motorcycle’.
  • We all known a bike has two tires. But do you known the front tire of a bike dole out three times more water than the back tire.
  • When the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was launched, it used a tomato can as a carburetor.
  • Another interesting fact about bike sector is hardly 1 of 5 bikes stolen outside of the garage. But surprisingly the claim of stolen bikes in insurance companies is 25% more than the actual rate.
  • Kawasaki, a well-known motorcycle company, also designs and manufactures power plants, ships, industrial tackles, robots, and spacecraft.
  • According to technical view, within the space of a parked car, up to 8 motorcycles can be adjusted.
  • Do you know which the longest backward bike racing is? Well, this record was set in Binzhou City, China, by HouXiaobin and the length of the race is150 km (93.2 miles).
  • It is researched that most more than 75% bike clutch comes from the frontage tire.
  • It was recorded of arranging the largest bike pyramid was registered by the name of India. It was completed by the Daredevil team of Indian Army and 201 men riding on ten bikes have participated in this pyramid.
  • The first motorcycle made from human waste was developed by Japan named as TOTO. It was a revolutionary change in Motorcycle world.
  • The record of world’s longest motorcycle was built in 2005. It was 31 feet long and arranged seats for 16 people.
  • Most people think that modern sports bikes contain rubber to spring. But the fact is there is no actual rubber at all. The springing material is completely made from synthetic rubber owing to its balancing beneficial, toughness and toehold.
  • 75% grip is said to produce by the front tire while comparing to the back tire.
  • The famous scooter brand Vespa was named from the Italian word for wasp.
  • The name of the first motorcycle was the SH Roper 1869 steam cycle.
  • Do you know which top most stolen bikes in the world are? Well, the number one position is acquired by Honda. And net four is Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson.
  • After1904, manufactures of the motorcycle had started designing massive engines, strong body and more durable wheels for their bikes.
  • According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 631 motorcyclists were rescued from the accident because of wearing helmets.