Racing, Fitness, And Personal Training

A lot of sports people, and especially people who retire from motor racing, tend to fall into personal training. Being a personal trainer can be highly rewarding, and it certainly pays the bills once racing days are over. Petrol heads who are looking for a change of career should certainly consider personal trainer courses.


If you’re a fitness fanatic or just think that being a personal trainer is the right job for you, then this article is definitely for you as I’ll be going through the simple way of becoming a personal trainer, the hours which you work and the wage which you earn. I’ll start by talking about how you can train and gain experience so that you can then become a personal trainer.


FLM Training are a fantastic training provider who specializes in different areas including fitness. They offer a range of different courses ideal for those who want to become a personal trainer, they also offer different packages which will leave you with more qualifications than doing just one course on its own. They offer all sorts of courses such as circuit training and kettle bell training. Then they offer four different packages and if none of these are exactly what you’re looking for, then you can contact them to customize one so it’s what you’re looking for. The four packages that they do are the basic personal trainer package, the advanced personal trainer, the premium personal trainer, and lastly the premium personal trainer and massage. As you go up through the packages the more qualifications you would end up with at the end of them. With the basic personal trainer course you would end up with a level 2 qualification in gym instructing and a level 3 in personal training. However, with the premium personal trainer and massage package you would end up with the same as the basic but also a level 3 qualification in exercise referral, three CPD qualifications, a day of first aid training and a day of sports massage training.


To be a personal trainer you would need to have good people skills and to be outgoing. To make things easier you would probably want to start out as a gym instructor once you have got your qualifications, so that you can gain some experience before becoming a personal trainer. You would also need to talk to your clients about their health history, give them advice on health or lifestyle changes as well as checking and recording their progress. You will choose the hours you work but these will be mostly evenings or weekends all depending on when your client is available. There is no set wage as it all depends on if you’re self employed, work for a gym and on how much experience you have.

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Protect Your Eyes With Style



When riding a motorbike, or any type of 2 wheel vehicle for that matter, it’s important to protect your eyes. Even with a viser, you may want to take extra precautions by wearing sunglasses too. But wearing sunglasses needn’t take anything else away from your style. I prefer Maui Jim sunglasses that I buy from Sports Eyewear. Here’s why  I like them so much!


Sports Eyewear is an amazing company who sell different ranges of sunglasses including Bolle, Cebe and of course Maui Jim prescription sunglasses. Maui Jim cares about the quality of their sunglasses, they also include prescription sunglasses too and most of their ordinary pairs are also available as prescription sunglasses. All of these sunglasses are genuine authenticity brand and help to protect your eyes from harsh glares and harmful rays.


maui jimOne pair of their sunglasses would be the Apapane, which are available as prescription, without prescription they only cost £179 and with it they will cost £339. These sunglasses are available in three styles; these are burgundy with red sleeve, dark gunmetal with black sleeve and gold with pink sleeves. There are also the mixed plate sunglasses which come with the option of being prescription sunglasses. They come available as 4 different colours; these are chocolate fade/ Maui Rose, gloss black/neutral grey, matt green stripe rubber/ Maui HT and matt tortoise rubber/ HCL bronze.


Another pair would be Ho’okipa prescription these cost £255. They come in gloss black and tortoise. With these you have two choices of lens materials these are Maui polycarbonate and Maui evolution 1.60. They offer a wide field of view without any distortion and only optical perfection. They offer brilliant colour without any glares or harmful rays. They provide excellent protection and colour enhancement, as well as clear vision across the whole lens.


Another pair would be the Koki Beach prescription which cost £279. These are available in black and grey tortoise, olive tortoise and purple tortoise. They have a wide field of view with clear vision across the lens, and offer excellent protection. The material of the lens is Maui Jim 1.60. They have 4 available tint coats these are HCL bronze, Maui HT, Maui Rose and neutral grey.

All of these sunglasses are of a high quality and are an amazing value for money. These sunglasses are a comfortable fit when worn and are very comfortable. They last a very long time too as I’ve read from many reviews. One review said that these glasses have been being used for over 8 years and are still an amazing quality pair of sunglasses, they are light and a great fit, they look great and they protect their eyes really well from sunlight. Another review said they are the best pair of sunglasses they have bought and that they are very sturdy, also they were provided with excellent after sales service.

Is your child missing out? Motor Cars For Kids Explored!


Is your child missing out on an amazing toy suitable for boys and girls, this toy is an electric car. These cars are great for children and have so many positive effects, such as they get children to go outside when its warm and get plenty of fresh air, plus it sparks their imagination. It does this by giving the freedom to decide where the cars going, they could be going to work or going on an adventure, so it allows them to be creative.

There are many of these kids electric cars available, each with its own features and style. They come in a range of brands like Maserati and Audi as well as many more. Also, they come in a wide selection of colours making them suitable for all boys and girls, as they should be able to easily find ne that they like.

One of these cars would be the BMW i8 Licensed 12V kids electric car. This car cost £199.95 and is an official BMW licensed product. This car has working lights and sounds, to make the journeys more realistic and fun, plus it means it can be drove at any time of the day. To make it better the car can be drove on almost any terrain, like grass, mud and gravel. The car has an mp3 music function so children can listen to their favourite tunes on the go and it has a seatbelt for safety purposes. The car has two powerful 12V motors and two 6V batteries to make the car run. This car is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years and comes in the colours blue, white and champagne.

Another popular one would be the Range Rover Evoque. A lot of technology has been fitted in the car allowing it to have working lights and sounds, as well as fast and slow speed settings. To make the car seem more realistic and more like a Range rover it has a genuine key start and is an official licensed Land rover. This car is best suited for those aged 3 to 6 years old and comes in black, white and red.

One of the more sporty styled cars is the Mercedes G63 AMG SUV; this car comes in two colours white and black and is an official Mercedes product. This car has a realistic key start to make the child feel more grown up and reaches a top speed of 4mph. This car has a seatbelt for safety purposes and a parental remote control so the parents can join in on the fun too and for safety purposes This car would take roughly 40 minutes to assemble.

Here are some sample cars in this video: